How to Get a Loan for Your Home

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How to Get a Loan for Your Home

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A few years ago, getting a loan to buy or build a house was quite easy. However, as the economy slows down and with many home foreclosures, new regulations on the real estate came about. This does not mean you cannot get a real estate loan. There are many banks and financial institutions that want to help you purchase the home of your dreams. You can get your home loan at You only need to ensure you have the right collateral and your credit is good.

Repair Your Credit Score

credit ratingYou should note that the credit score is based on your ability to repay loans. As a result, many lenders and accounts look for a credit rating of higher than 660. However, this varies from one bank to another. When you have a higher credit rating, you can easily get a home loan. If you have late payments and outstanding debts, then your credit score might be lower than the way it ought to be.

If you have a lower credit rating, then it makes sense to start repairing it. Sometimes the lower rating can be a result of an error. You can hire a credit reporting agency to investigate and clear the errors.

Determine Your Income to Debt Ratio

You should note that lenders consider a lot of things before giving you a loan. One critical thing they consider is the debt to income ratio. In this case, they factor in your debt obligations, such as child support, other loans, rent, insurance premiums, and more. They then consider it against your monthly income. Most banks give loans to people with less than 35 percent of the debt to income ratio.

Seek Pre-Approval

loan approvedYou can easily get the house of your dreams and save time by getting pre-approved. This means you should consult your bank or financial institution to analyze your situation. In this way, they can determine the amount of money the bank is ready to give you to buy a house. After pre-approval, you can begin looking for your dream home.

Make a Deposit

money depositMost lenders want home buyers to be involved financially. Other than asking for collateral, they want you to deposit some money towards buying a house. Usually, a bigger downpayment means you can get the loan easily. In most cases, the downpayment is about 20% of the value of the house. It varies from one lender to another.