Dog Liability Insurance: All You Need to Know

dog insurance

Dog liability insurance is a must-have for every dog owner. The liability insurance will take care of costs such as bites and any other damage caused by your dog. In case someone makes a claim, and you are required to pay, the insurance company will take care of the cost.

Unfortunately, most people are not yet aware of the Hundehaftpflicht insurance, and they end up wasting a lot of money in the process. Here is all you need to know about dog liability insurance:

What Is the Cost Of Dog Liability Insurance?

dog...The standard fee for dog liability insurance is usually $ 20 per month. However, the cost is likely to go high, depending on various factors. When calculating the cost of dog liability, the insurance companies will check the age of your dog, breed, and other factors.

All these factors will help them to determine how much you can pay. There are cases where the cost of insurance might go up to $ 30 in case your dog has a history of bites, so you have to pay more money for it.

Is Dog Liability Insurance Cost Worth It?

It is advisable to get dog liability insurance because the statistics have shown that dog claims are popular. There are 50 dog injuries a day, and, in most cases, people make claims.

There average cost of a dog bite claim is usually $37000, and this is to tell you that it is not cheap. Making these payments on your own can be difficult, and it is essential to have an insurance company to take care of the liability.

Are All Dogs Covered?

Before you take dog liability insurance, it is important to know some of the dogs that are illegible. Some dogs might not be eligible.

Each insurance company is unique, so make sure that you ask if your dog is eligible. In case you own a service dog, you need to specify so that you can know whether your dog will be accepted.


Is It the Same as Pet Insurance?

Dog liability insurance is different from any other pet insurance. For pets like fish that are confined in the home, the risk is usually low, so the insurance company puts that into consideration.

However, in case you have a dog, you will be required to go out with the dog and interact with other people. The cost of insurance might be high in this case.…

Tips to Help You Avoid Paying Excess for Commercial Truck Insurance


It is good to understand a few basic costing items before paying for commercial truck insurance . Many people are naive and they leave money on the table by not having sufficient facts to negotiate for a low premium rate. Others go on to take too much or too little risk coverage when they are picking the insurance.

In some cases, managers make rash decisions that do not help their bottom line. They may succumb to misinformation from insurance companies. There are many ways to have a bad experience due to the circumstances and end up losing money or paying more than necessary.

The Type of Commercial Truck

Not all trucks carry the same risk. The type of truck will affect the quote you get for your insurance. Commercial trucks can be for logistics support, construction work, normal deliveries, and transportation, or they can be trucks used as daily drivers.

The sizes of the trucks will also differ as well as their value. The type of truck will also vary according to known reliability issues for the particular model. These things will form a decisive factor in the insurance company leading to varied responses regarding the amount you would pay for the insurance.

type of truck

The Age of the Truck

The age of vehicles affects their deprecated value according to market rates. Some insurance will factor in the mileage of the truck together with the age while others will only look at the year of manufacture. In such cases, having an old truck in your business will attract less cost in insurance compared to a fleet of relatively new trucks. The insurance caters to the value of the truck in most cases since risk events that destroy the truck will lead to compensation.

The Location

The location of the business and the usage area of the truck are going to affect the cost of insurance. In Florida, you can expect the most commercial rate to be the same as in another city, except for minor changes because of the weather and the type of roads. If you are using a Florida insurance company your trucks that operate in another state and city, the rates might be different than when you were taking insurance for local trucks.

The Driving History and Responsibilities

Commercial trucks may have more than one driver as the nature of the business is to allow employees to go on different errands with the truck. Having a dedicated driver specified in the insurance documents will lead to lower levels of risk. Therefore, the insurance company will be willing to offer the company a discount in return for the shown levels of responsibilities.

The Protective Features of the Truck

If you install tracking devices on trucks and you have anti-collision mechanism as well as other features to stop drunk driving, then you could ask for a discount from the insurer. These safety measures reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring on the truck’s or driver’s fault. The lower risk of damage should lead to a low cost of insurance.…